Pretty Girls In Ugly Jumpers

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Oh hello again!!

So...blogmas kind of went out of the window, didn't it?! I'm honestly enjoying Vlogmas much more, my editing skills are being improved and I kind of just love vlogging. Not to say I don't love blogging, but I feel like with the pressure of having to get a blogpost out every day I end up rushing it and not putting out as good content as I'd like to be if that makes sense? I'd prefer to put out a really good blogpost two or three times a week rather than just bashing out something every day that's a bit below par. That being said though, I've been very inactive this week simply because I've been swarmed with exams and deadlines and family drams and so on and so forth so I've had no time to do anything else! But I got one exam out of the way yesterday and I've got another one on Friday and then term ends and home for Christmas it is.

November Favourites

Monday, 4 December 2017

Welcome to the most generic blogmas post ever!! I'm sure we're all bashing this one out at the moment so hopefully mine won't be too samey same!!

December Bullet Journal Update

Saturday, 2 December 2017


Today I thought I'd give you all a lil bullet journal update because hell have I gone ALL OUT for December - it's snowy and Christmassy as heck. I took a lot of inspiration for this month from AmandaRachLee who is one of my all time favourite bullet journal YouTubers. So let's dive on in...

Life In November & December Goals

Friday, 1 December 2017

!!!!!!!!!! (This is my first blogmas post since I did it in 2013. What a time.)

Getting Back On Track

Thursday, 30 November 2017

It's fair to say I hit a brick wall recently. Sometime last week something just clicked and I was not okay all of a sudden. I've said before what a weird time university is and there was a point last week when I just went "I want to go home" and as luck would have it I was due home that weekend. It did me the world of good, along with meeting with my personal tutor on Tuesday to try and work out of my rut and getting my braces off yesterday as well. Life throws so many curveballs and sometimes it throws them for absolutely no bloody reason whatsoever and catching them can get so so overwhelming.

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