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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hello frens!!

So I feel like there is an elephant on the web (lol) that I haven't addressed yet and that's my new blog layout. I went through the posts I did since I redid it and it turns out no, I never did!! So there we go - I have a new blog design!! Used my favourite new colour peach and got some nice new menu headers and social media icons and a nice new thingy at the top, very nice indeed. I love it. So that's that elephant. Let's move onto July.

If I'm honest, July has been mad but I don't know when I'm next going to get a quiet month! This month I had a whole list of events going on, a lovely Vamps concert with my close friend Jamima, Year 13 Leaver's Ball, 18th birthday party, actual 18th birthday, my best friend's 18th birthday and party, another best friend's 18th birthday, playing in my last ever concert at the music centre I've been at for seven years...

Put all of that together with working 4 days a week for 7 or 8 hours and just general filming and writing and editing and getting involved in all sorts of projects and so on, I feel like I just haven't had a chance to relax to myself for a day!

I also made the big decision to bring forward my uni entry to this year instead of 2018, which is mainly because I feel like I'm going to be so bored in my tiny village for a whole year, kind of just want to get out and move into a city and go elsewhere you know?? Like I said, it's a huge decision and it took us a few weeks to reach it but I'm so so excited to go, hopefully I'll get the grades I need!

I also started working out properly in July, doing a bit of strength and cardio every day, after realising that actually, I need to do something! So far it's going so well, I haven't joined a gym because I'm going to uni in a bit so will probably join one up in Manchester instead so at the moment I'm squatting and lunging and sitting up and using one of my sister's handheld resistance bands and it's working well, especially for a beginner. Not quite at fitness YouTuber level yet but maybe in the future I'll get there 😂

So far my August goals are looking a little like this...


Passing my A Levels and getting into the uni of my choice would be nice. That's pretty much all I have to say on the subject. Results day (17th August) is looming and all I'm trying to do is forget about it and not stress myself out over it!

YouTube & Blogging

YouTube is going pretty well! We're going away for a bit at the end of August so my goals are to get a few more videos filmed to schedule through our holiday so I'm all set for when I get back. I'm on 166 subscribers now so growth is going okay, if anyone fancies giving me a bit of extra support it would be lovely ♥. My blog is something else I need to get on top of - I've put both YouTube and blogging on my habit tracker so I'm trying to do something related to each every day, whether that be editing or taking pictures or making a thumbnail or brainstorming more ideas - at least I'm contributing to it.


Obviously the working out will continue through August, and I'm also aiming to eat a bit more but also a bit more healthily, I eat terribly! However, I don't want to start obsessively counting macros and calories because I feel like my headspace will get a bit confused if I start getting obsessed over my food. I like the idea of intuitive eating that Grace Fit UK does (she's like my holy grail, her insta workouts are inSANE), as in eating when your body tells you to and eating what your body tells you to. Seems like a good way of eating enough but not too much but also healthily enough. I also need to start drinking more water and taking vitamin and iron supplements more because deficiencies are starting to get annoying. That's what happens when you don't eat fruit for eighteen years and probably won't for the rest of your life.

Read more

As in, classics. I feel like starting an English degree and not having read things like Moby Dick and Dickens and Tess of the D' not going to help me. 

Basically guys, I'm just going to try my best to get my shit together during August. A nice long trip away at the end should make it all easier!!

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post, let me know what your August goals are like in the comments!

Emilia xx

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