September Bullet Journal

Friday, 8 September 2017

Hello my darlings!!

Slightly different post today, I don't think I've ever showed you guys my bullet journal! I've only really got into it recently, I used to do a modified version of it which was a little more art journally, but I got given a new Moleskine for my birthday so I thought when August began I'd make a proper go of doing it. I've been watching videos for so long and have been wanting to get started for ages but just never really had the motivation so I spent a few months practising my calligraphy and handwriting and things, and when we went to America I got a bunch of new pens and things so this month is pretty good!

I want to just reiterate that even though you see all these insane bullet journal accounts on Instagram and on YouTube, you literally don't have to do any of this stuff to have a bullet journal, the entire point of it is to organise your life in the way you want to, and honestly having something pretty that I've worked hard on guilt trips me into using it so much so it works well for me, but it is pretty time consuming so really all you need is a notebook and one pen. The entire website and original video can be found here explaining how to do it and I'll link a few of my favourite YouTube and Instagram accounts on the end of the post if you need some more inspo from people who have been doing it longer than me!! So onto my bullet journal...

I chose an autumnal theme for September, some people choose like one thing to do for the month like clouds or waves or flowers or leaves etc, some choose colours to base it around but I like doing more seasonal themes, so September is autumnal, October is going to be Halloween, November winter and December Christmas. That's as far as I've thought though!! So I was thinking rust colours, dark greens, leaves, acorns, pine cones, all that good stuff. My title page basically incorporates all of that, very nice. I'll put an entire list of supplies I use at the end of this post too for those who are interested!

This isn't that interesting or pretty but I thought I'd chuck it in anyway, me and my mum did a MASSIVE uni list on the plane on the way to America and while I plan to do a huge post about my uni shopping list, I thought I'd put it in anyway. It's possibly the messiest list ever but I keep thinking of new things to add to it randomly, the joys of going to uni! The IKEA trip is happening today so expect some more. Might do a haul video if my mum doesn't think it's too weird!!

So onto my calendars. I used to do this personal events list and then a square calendar on the opposite page but I just never used the square one so replaced it instead with my workout schedule. I'm not too keen on the colours of this, I wish I'd used more browns rather than oranges but I kinda went a bit ham haha. I also have my YouTube growth tracker on there too which I love so much, it's so good to see growth when I can actually keep it active!! I also do my monthly goals list but I did cover it up bc they're kinda personal lol. This is a perfect example of why bullet journalling is so good - you can put anything you want into it, and if you don't like it the next month, you can just get rid of it. It's so good.

I think this might be my favourite spread from this entire month. I did a new layout for my mood tracker this month, using this circle instead of a graph. I LOVE this so much, gives me so much more room to be creative and do some doodling. My habit tracker I kept the same because I like colouring in the squares haha. As you can see, I've not been very good at it so far but to be fair to me, I have been in America and flying back and recovering from jetlag but I plan on using these in earnest the beginning of next week, the habit tracker really helps me keep myself accountable and keep myself on track and working on everything. 

Again a spread I LOVE. I do a video ideas and blogposts page every month because it's good to have them all in one place, and a highlights page is so good and so much fun to look back on at the end of the month and remember all the good times. Lil sneak peek into some upcoming videos and posts there too. Any other ideas you have, hit me up.

So this is my first weekly spread, I decided to change it up and do sections instead, because I feel like with uni work coming up life is going to get very busy and I'm going to need much more space to organise myself. The calligraphy is so shaky because it was one of my first times using my new Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen and it's a lot harder than it looks! But, practise makes perfect.

And the last double page spread I've done so far is just my swatch page of my Supertips and my other most used pens. I do love this because it gives me one place to choose a colour to use so it's so useful. Plus it just looks really pretty and I am actually so proud of my calligraphy in this, see I am getting better!!

So that concludes my bullet journal for September! As promised, here's a list of the products I used this month...

♥ Crayola Supertips (for colours and video and blogpost title calligraphy)
♥ Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.3mm fineliner
♥ Tombow Fudenosuke calligraphy pen (I have both soft and hard tips but I prefer the soft!)
♥ Pilot G-2 0.5mm pen (this is a rollerball gel so much better than fineliners because the tip doesn't wear down and get thicker the more you use it!)

Other products I love are...

♥ Frixion pastel highlighters
♥ Stabilo pastel highlighters
♥ Stabilo pastel fineliners 
♥ Tombow duo brush pens (pastel colours)

Yes, I have a slight addiction to pastels. Please leave me alone.

And also as promised, here's a list of my favourite bullet journal accounts and YouTube channels (some of these are also studygrams, also great for calligraphy inspo and motivation):

AmandaRachLee (honestly my all time favourite)
Miss Louie (also does fab fashion videos)

Okay I'm done now!! Have fun with the bujo porn, I could spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest haha! Hope you enjoyed my own bullet journal and maybe got som inspiration from it, I'll do another update at the end of the month so you can see the rest of my weekly spreads and my finished mood/habit trackers which I WILL keep up. I almost need a habit tracker for my habit tracker ffs.

See you soon gals!

Emilia xx

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