About Me

Hey gals and guys!! I'm Emilia, I'm eighteen and I live in the South East of England. I like politics, news, beauty, art, fashion, musicals and tea. Just to name a few of my great loves in life.

All in all, all of those things are things I blog about. I guess I fall somewhere underneath the term "lifestyle blogger" but like I mentioned, I dabble in beauty and fashion a bit too. It's sort of an online diary for me - a place where I can share all sorts of things going on in my life, from newest budget beauty finds (student life 'ey) to Jeremy Corbyn's latest moves (if you're right wing, you'll hate me!).

By day, I'm an anxious prospective uni student, granting I get the right grades this year. I hope to go to Manchester Metropolitan to study English and Creative Writing, as well as building up my career in the film and theatre makeup industry as well.

By night, I'm a social media addict and will mostly be found perfecting my wannabe hipster aesthetic, shooting blades of grass at 300mm or curled up in bed with a cup of tea watching Netflix.

I don't live a particularly exciting life, but blogging helps me find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I hope you'll enjoy finding it with me, and join me in navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up in the 21st Century.

Emilia xx


  1. You're cute. Just found your blog, it's very nice! Keep it up!

    Andera |

  2. Your facepainting is awsome!!!

    1. Btw love your blog <3