About Me

Hello there!! My name is Em, and well done for stumbling across my little internet corner, I’m pretty tucked away here. 

I’m currently a full time English and Creative Writing student at Manchester Metropolitan and I split my time between the north and Buckinghamshire in the south of England. I’m an aspiring writer (journalism, screenwriting, scripts, speeches, opinion articles - anything I can get my hands on at the moment!) and I like dogs, lipstick, books, calligraphy, politics, feminism, eyeshadow, clothes, curly hair, vlogging, being awkward, pretending to be more of an art hoe than I actually am, falling off planks on nights out (it’s happened) and drinking too much wine.

That list is pretty much a list of things I blog about. I’m one of those whiplash bloggers - I don’t particularly fit into any one category (perhaps ‘lifestyle’ can be applied loosely) but that’s good, because it means there’ll be something for everyone on here. I write about my favourite books each month, student-friendly recipes, study tips, student life in general and makeup that I’ve been loving. I’m also an avid feminist, an ardent Europhile (follow mine and my dad's anti-Brexit adventures here) and an advocate for mental health, so those things slip in as well every now and then. 

Basically, you’ll like something on my blog.

So what better excuse to stick around, right?! I also publish messy university vlogs, makeup tutorials and other awkward little videos over on my YouTube channel, and bits of my creative writing over on Last Mile Home, and my lettering and bullet journal adventures over on my ‘art’ instagram. I have a lot of different ventures but it keeps me busy I guess! You can also follow my Instagram and Twitter for updates on my everyday life by following the social media links to your right.

I don't live a particularly exciting life, but blogging helps me find the extraordinary in the ordinary and makes everyday life a little more fun. I hope you'll enjoy finding it with me, and join me in navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up in the 21st Century.

Em xx


  1. You're cute. Just found your blog, it's very nice! Keep it up!

    Andera |

  2. Your facepainting is awsome!!!

    1. Btw love your blog <3

  3. Loving your blog keep it up! ����


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